February, 2011

Avant Garde Magazine – Issue #1

My favorite piece of typography ever – the Avant Garde magazine logo. Designed by Herb Lubalin. This first edition was published January 1968. I aquired this from a collector on ebay. Very excited to have it.


Jasmine Solano

Jasmine Solano played some good tunes at last night’s show.

Goldie @ Elements, Phoenix Landing

Its always good to see someone representing from the UK. Goldie played some absolute bangers. Was also pleasantly surprised that the bouncer was cool with me and my camera getting in the way.

Goldie @ Elements, Phoenix Landing
Goldie @ Elements, Phoenix Landing

Spot Valentine’s Party

Had a great time at Spot Editorial’s Valentine’s party. Thanks to Larry, Courtney, Jeff and Annaliese for all the hard work putting it together in their sweet office.

Candy Girl

Fairy Lights