September, 2012


The area around Cambridge MA where I live (near MIT) is a giant construction site at the moment. Here’s a snap I took with my Polaroid 250 Land Camera which I managed to get working on Friday. Due to its affordability and availability I used FUJI FP-100. I think due to the age of the camera it is underexposing, so I’m going to try to add some ND gel and see if that helps.

Portrait of Dan.

Erin B&W sequence.

Inspired by some B&W stuff I saw recently I did a set of high contrast portrait shots. For lighting I used a closely placed stripbox on camera right, and a beauty dish set quite far back behind the camera. As I use it more I am really favoring the stripbox, the definition it gives to models is striking.

Into stormy waters

Jumping off a cliff in Little Compton, Rhode Island, just before a storm.