October, 2012

24 Hours in NYC.

24 hours in NYC, 4 Polaroids. Shot with Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection Film.


Minimal styling on this shoot, focusing more on the energy of the subject.


Carmen reads the cards.

An autumn evening in Boston.

Misty, cold but pretty.

A Tarot Reading.

What’s in the cards… shot with Fuji FP-3000B film.

Kodak Brownie Test.

I took the Kodak Brownie out (bought from Portobello Road market) on my way to work one morning. Unfortunately the shutter is pretty worn so only a couple of shots exposed in a usable form. I guess this is another one for the shelf. I’m kind of glad it isn’t amazing because 120 film spools are slightly too big so you have to file the ends of them down for it to wind the film properly. Pretty time consuming.

Boston skyline.

Cloudy autumnal day with an old camera using 100 ISO film = dark and moody image.

Pimm’s assortment.

A still life test with PX 70 Color Shade Cool film.