February, 2013

The day after Nemo.

Gone are the cars on Mass Ave, replaced by kids laughing, people building snow sculptures, couples skiing, runners jogging by and everyone generally having a good time. Except perhaps the workers whose job it is to clear the snow away and get the city moving again. This won’t happen too many times in my lifetime; glad I managed to snap these pics.

Finding Nemo.

Stepping out in the snowstorm of ’13.

Eksi Ekso – Archfiend Promo CDs are here.

Recently I designed the artwork for Eksi Ekso’s forthcoming album, ARCHFIEND. Today, even with the snow, the promo CDs arrived. I’m really happy with how these came out. The next step is to design the vinyl. The album drops 05/07/13.

Eksi Ekso Archfiend CD

Anat Cohen – Claroscuro

Recently I designed the artwork for Claroscuro, the latest record by the wonderful Anat Cohen. It is currently the number one jazz album on iTunes – very well-deserved. I had the privilege to hear her play at Regatta Bar in Harvard Square. She is amazing. Here’s a great article on NPR. Well done Anat.