July, 2013

Farm School.

Recently I went to check out Farm School in Athol, MA. We were given a tour by the founder Ben, who is a lovely fella. We were very grateful for his time, and the several bags of food we were given too. Even after two weeks I still have some veggies left to cook. Farm School teaches kids and adults alike the rewarding if not back-breaking experience of working on a farm. Students are housed in cabins and dorms, which are all hand-built by the occupants. They even mill their own wood there. Fantastic place.

Sail away.

DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Recently my dad gave me an incredible Kershaw 450 Velio, which is in superb condition. It has a Otar Anastigmat 80mm f/4.5 lens and 5 speed shutter, pretty impressive spec. However, being a camera from the 50’s I was dubious about it functioning properly. This being said, on a recent visit to NYC I decided to take some pics with it around the DUMBO area. I just got the negatives back, and am pleasantly surprised. I think this camera may become my day-to-day film camera. They sure don’t make ’em like this anymore. I’ll post a pic of the camera as soon as I can.