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Sean & Cait’s Wedding, Ireland.

The perfect day, for two of my dearest friends. It was an honor and a privilige to be able to capture these moments for them.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Wow. These are gorgeous Tom!!! You captured some amazing moments & light!

  2. SARALEX Says:

    Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!! What BEAUTIFUL images, TKUK & LOVERS! Well done to the infinite degree. My very favorite shot is the nose-to-nose shot of the #lovers up on the wall. I was smiling at my computer screen looking at these, and they are truly a reflection of years of loyalty, friendship, love and LOVERSHIP. That’s right, the mothership of lovers. Beautiful couple, beautiful photos to cherish for a lifetime and beyond! YEAY!!!

  3. Gregory Moran Says:

    Not fair to push on to a Father’s office computer when he is trying to get extra work done on a weekend. I’m a softy at heart and can now barely seen the screen. These photos are truly beautiful and catch the event so well. All the B&Ws with the Castle backdrop are breathtaking. Thanks so much Tom.

    Greg and Dee

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