Cambridge streets.

The neighborhood I live in is interesting to say the least. One of the world epicenters of technology and science, with a wide range of architectural styles. Of course, MIT has buildings all around, some historic red brick, others marvels of modern design with sweeping lines and bold colors. Here’s the first set of my photo exploration.

Memorial Day 2014

A few snaps from BBQ goodness with the SapientNitro crew.

Three portraits

Here are three portraits from a session last winter that I didn’t get around to editing until now. I worked with Patty and Jen for hair and makeup respectively.

Fenway Park after the longest winter.

I visited the Red Sox at Fenway a few weeks ago, and was amazed how melancholy, yet still profoundly atmospheric the ballpark was, even under the remaining snow.

On the west coast of Florida.

An incredibly beautiful and interesting eco-system. Among the locations are Englewood, Stump Pass state park, Cayo Costa state park, Cabbage Island, North Captiva and Boca Grande.

This is winter.

A cold fog settled over the city, making the landscape barren and almost lunar.

In Magenta.

Magenta Portrait

Sean & Cait’s Wedding, Ireland.

The perfect day, for two of my dearest friends. It was an honor and a privilige to be able to capture these moments for them.