Becca Stevens at 939 Cafe

I had the privilege of taking photos for the awesome Becca Stevens Band at their show at 939 Cafe recently.

An autumn evening in Boston.

Misty, cold but pretty.

Happy 4th.

Mark de Clive-Lowe @ Beehive, Boston

MdCL makes his long awaited debut in Boston, with Nia Andrews providing her lovely vocals. The drummer and guitarist were excellent – please hit me up guys so I can credit/tweet at you :)

La De Les @ Lizard Lounge

These guys are fantastic. Check out their music here.

Eksi Ekso @ Lizard Lounge

The boys play some of their cracking new material which is super catchy and more rock sounding. Alex’s beats were super tight, Sean played some nasty 80’s synth and trumpet, and Tom, battling a sore throat, belted out the lyrics from their forthcoming album Archfiend, based on H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer. This in my opinion was their best live show yet.

Bedroom photo booth

Merry people in a bedroom with a camera on a tripod? Yes.

Carmen & Flag.

Working with Carmen was a lot of fun the first time around, so we did another shoot. Her band Bodega Girls often uses US flags as backdrops on stage – so, inspired by Craig McDean’s military shot of Kate Moss, I setup this shot. We used poster paint to create the lines, and had to act fast before it dried up.