Spot Valentine’s Party

Had a great time at Spot Editorial’s Valentine’s party. Thanks to Larry, Courtney, Jeff and Annaliese for all the hard work putting it together in their sweet office.

Candy Girl

Fairy Lights

Eksi Ekso @ The Middle East Club

Great show last night from my friends Eksi Ekso. Their first gig since 2009, they kicked arse. I shot a lot of pictures using flash, and I now realise this to be a mistake. The flash just killed all the ambient light. This is a shot I managed to get with my 17-70mm f2.8 lens without the flash, luckily it came out fairly sharp.

Eksi Ekso Middle East January 2011

The Sour Notes

Really dig this band from Austin. Saw them last night before the Eksi boys went on. Good catchy tunes, and nice people.

The Sour Notes Middle East January 2011