A walk along the beach.

Model: Erin. Shot with Diana camera, 75mm lens on Kodak Portra 800 ISO film.

Erin style.

Model: Erin Robertson
Hair & makeup: Patty Martin
Fashion design & styling: Erin Roberston

Black Lipstick & Curls

Model: Tessa at Maggie Inc.
Hair, makeup & styling: Patty Martin

Final selects:

Additional selects:

Bunny fun.

Some snaps of Erin and her bunny Jezebel.

Carmen O’Connor, Bodega Girls

After seeing Carmen perform I knew she would be fun to photograph: she has cool style and lots of energy. I had an idea about incorporating cassette tape into the shoot: the shiny surfaces combined with the complexity of the lines make for some interesting visuals.