Point Reyes, Northern California

On Saturday we had a little adventure around the beautiful national seashore of Point Reyes, two hours north of San Francisco. Some of the terrain (and weather) reminded me of the glorious places I’ve visited in Ireland, Scotland and the Lake District. Although not quite. These were all shot with the Sony RX100 III, which I’m finding more and more use for at the moment.

Mass MoCA: a light journey

Revisited Mass MoCA a week ago. Arriving early provided a great opportunity to snap some pics with the place to ourselves for a short while. I love industrial buildings like these, the patterns of light cascading onto different hues of rusted metal and stone make great images.

On the west coast of Florida.

An incredibly beautiful and interesting eco-system. Among the locations are Englewood, Stump Pass state park, Cayo Costa state park, Cabbage Island, North Captiva and Boca Grande.

This is winter.

A cold fog settled over the city, making the landscape barren and almost lunar.

A foggy day in Rhode Island

A recent trip down to Warren’s Point Beach, RI on a warm and misty July day.

Farm School.

Recently I went to check out Farm School in Athol, MA. We were given a tour by the founder Ben, who is a lovely fella. We were very grateful for his time, and the several bags of food we were given too. Even after two weeks I still have some veggies left to cook. Farm School teaches kids and adults alike the rewarding if not back-breaking experience of working on a farm. Students are housed in cabins and dorms, which are all hand-built by the occupants. They even mill their own wood there. Fantastic place.

From afternoon to evening in the desert garden.

Recently I visited Palm Springs, and stayed in a pretty sweet house. Coming from the cooler Boston air, and following the gloomy winter, the back garden with pool provided a comfortable bubble for a day. The sun was hot, really hot, but the temperature in the shade was perfect. The most beautiful light I’ve ever seen is the sunset in the desert, second only to the moonlight I’ve hopefully captured in this post glancing off the palm trees.

The day after Nemo.

Gone are the cars on Mass Ave, replaced by kids laughing, people building snow sculptures, couples skiing, runners jogging by and everyone generally having a good time. Except perhaps the workers whose job it is to clear the snow away and get the city moving again. This won’t happen too many times in my lifetime; glad I managed to snap these pics.