Eksi Ekso @ Halibut Point, Rockport MA

Recently one mild Saturday morning the lads from Eksi Ekso and I went up to Halibut Point in Rockport to shoot their first set of promotional shots since Jacob Cole joined the band. The weather certainly was in our favor, being cloudy and mild which provided excellent conditions and soft light to capture some nice shots. Eksi Ekso’s new album ‘Archfiend’ is out 05/07/2013.

An autumn evening in Boston.

Misty, cold but pretty.

Kodak Brownie Test.

I took the Kodak Brownie out (bought from Portobello Road market) on my way to work one morning. Unfortunately the shutter is pretty worn so only a couple of shots exposed in a usable form. I guess this is another one for the shelf. I’m kind of glad it isn’t amazing because 120 film spools are slightly too big so you have to file the ends of them down for it to wind the film properly. Pretty time consuming.

Boston skyline.

Cloudy autumnal day with an old camera using 100 ISO film = dark and moody image.


The area around Cambridge MA where I live (near MIT) is a giant construction site at the moment. Here’s a snap I took with my Polaroid 250 Land Camera which I managed to get working on Friday. Due to its affordability and availability I used FUJI FP-100. I think due to the age of the camera it is underexposing, so I’m going to try to add some ND gel and see if that helps.

Into stormy waters

Jumping off a cliff in Little Compton, Rhode Island, just before a storm.

Sky. Cross process magic.

Cross processed Kodak Portra 400 shot with Diana Camera. Tweaked in Lightroom. Crazy hues.

Kershaw ‘Raven’ Initial Test Pics

My Dad gave me an old 1947 Bakelite Kershaw Raven camera this summer, so I took it out for a test spin. Stupidly it was probably set to bulb, so the exposures are blurry, but the abstract shapes are quite beautiful. Film: Kodak Portra 800