Polaroid 250

Shear Smoke.

On this shoot, instead of solely using the 5D MKII, I shot a couple of Polaroids too. My 250 Land Camera seemed to work ok with the studio setup, even though the sync is supposed to be out for modern lighting. The PX70 Impossible Project film, as usual, produced a beautiful cool feel to the image. I think that might be my favorite of the lot.

A Tarot Reading.

What’s in the cards… shot with Fuji FP-3000B film.

Boston skyline.

Cloudy autumnal day with an old camera using 100 ISO film = dark and moody image.


The area around Cambridge MA where I live (near MIT) is a giant construction site at the moment. Here’s a snap I took with my Polaroid 250 Land Camera which I managed to get working on Friday. Due to its affordability and availability I used FUJI FP-100. I think due to the age of the camera it is underexposing, so I’m going to try to add some ND gel and see if that helps.