Jess portrait.

Here are some other images I shot with Jess, still with a similar lighting setup as the artist shot.

The artist becomes the subject.

This picture was initially inspired by the ‘artist and model’ series by Miles Aldrige, in which he photographs his wife Kristen McMenamy in an artist’s studio, in a collaboration with the artist Chantal Joffe. My friend Jess is a talented sculptor and we thought it would be interesting to turn her into the subject, posed with her medium. I used some gels for added color effect. The next step will be to do this on location in Jess’ studio, to complete the overall concept.

Shear Smoke.

On this shoot, instead of solely using the 5D MKII, I shot a couple of Polaroids too. My 250 Land Camera seemed to work ok with the studio setup, even though the sync is supposed to be out for modern lighting. The PX70 Impossible Project film, as usual, produced a beautiful cool feel to the image. I think that might be my favorite of the lot.


Minimal styling on this shoot, focusing more on the energy of the subject.


Carmen reads the cards.

Portrait of Dan.

Erin B&W sequence.

Inspired by some B&W stuff I saw recently I did a set of high contrast portrait shots. For lighting I used a closely placed stripbox on camera right, and a beauty dish set quite far back behind the camera. As I use it more I am really favoring the stripbox, the definition it gives to models is striking.

Happy 4th.