Ireland – day one.

A brief yet incredible trip to Ireland. Day one in and around the Village Inn Pub in Kilchreest.

A foggy day in Rhode Island

A recent trip down to Warren’s Point Beach, RI on a warm and misty July day.

DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Recently my dad gave me an incredible Kershaw 450 Velio, which is in superb condition. It has a Otar Anastigmat 80mm f/4.5 lens and 5 speed shutter, pretty impressive spec. However, being a camera from the 50’s I was dubious about it functioning properly. This being said, on a recent visit to NYC I decided to take some pics with it around the DUMBO area. I just got the negatives back, and am pleasantly surprised. I think this camera may become my day-to-day film camera. They sure don’t make ’em like this anymore. I’ll post a pic of the camera as soon as I can.








Coachella, Lomo style.

Some snaps taken with my Diana+ camera. I love the contrast from the Fuji Pro 400 film. Already can’t wait for next year.

From afternoon to evening in the desert garden.

Recently I visited Palm Springs, and stayed in a pretty sweet house. Coming from the cooler Boston air, and following the gloomy winter, the back garden with pool provided a comfortable bubble for a day. The sun was hot, really hot, but the temperature in the shade was perfect. The most beautiful light I’ve ever seen is the sunset in the desert, second only to the moonlight I’ve hopefully captured in this post glancing off the palm trees.

24 Hours in NYC.

24 hours in NYC, 4 Polaroids. Shot with Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection Film.

Into stormy waters

Jumping off a cliff in Little Compton, Rhode Island, just before a storm.

A walk along the beach.

Model: Erin. Shot with Diana camera, 75mm lens on Kodak Portra 800 ISO film.